The AOMDT was invited to perform at the September TEDMED 2014 conference.  View the Shakti video
See AOMDT featured in the TEDMED Blog.  

Art of Motion Dance Theatre Performs at TEDMED, an article, written by Gary Wien, from the November issue of New Jersey Stage, covering our recent experience at the global TEDMED 2014 conference at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Art of Motion Dance Theatre Reel

Art of Motion Dance Theatre Reel 2017/18

LongHouse Performance Reel

Dancer Lynn Needle collaborated with Guido Arbonelli. Guido Arbonelli is a world class clarinetist from Italy. The performance was previewed on WMBC NEWS.

These studies were created by workshop participants at Bearnstow 2013 for the week's-end showing following Lynn Needle's class, where we were asked to choose a site that held special meaning for us and create a solo. The work shared by the interns and student took the form of choreographic sketches, improvisation, and participatory experiences. Bearnstow, being a remarkably beautiful place, provides venue for many site-studies over the course of a summer, these were filmed. Work, in order of appearance: Cristina Woehlert, Linda Combs, Adam Kerbel, Heriberto Mendoza, Nicole Garlando, Karina Culloton.

Lynn Needle speaks, honoring Alwin Nikolais' centennial year. Dance in the Desert 2010