2013 © Lois Greenfield

2013 © Lois Greenfield

Art of Motion Dance Theatre Testimonials

"Last night's opening was a gigantic success. Over 1000 people from the design, art, fashion, music + film world attended. The Art of Motion Dance Theatre was SENSATIONAL!"
-Ralph Pucci

“AOM Dance Theatre and its dancers were spectacular”
-Women’s Wear Daily Blog

“Very fine dancing by Lynn Lesniak…brilliant in timing…strict control”
-The New York Times

"'A Midsummer Night's Dream'-inspired dance piece with a group of women dressed like Nefertiti"
-Marshall Heyman, The Hamptons Art Scene in an Eggshell, The Wall Street Journal

“Keen attack with a nice hint of added spice”
-Vanity Fair, James Wolcott

“Outstanding…remarkable…that splash of yellow brought vibrancy to Composition beyond our expectations!”
-Longhouse Executive Director, Matko Tomicic

“Absolutely fantastic”
-Out and About

“Acerbic lighting, props and costumes”
-The Washington Post on Cool Wave

“Both [Kent Lindemer and Lynn Needle] are experienced troupers who wouldn’t let a little thing like ego get in the way…Grappling with each other, they felt their way into uncharted territory”
-The Star Ledger

“Forest, by Lynn Needle, was a premiere and an eyeful. [Needle] has some gorgeously trained dancers. A wonderful piece. Nikolais on pointe.”
-Barbara Fox, Princeton Comment

“Each piece was so unique and quite intense in its own way. The fluidity of the dances was just extraordinary! ... E M E R G E N C E is the type of performance that you could and definitely should see again.”
-testimonial from E M E R G E N C E

“Incredible, polished, gorgeous”
-testimonials from Power of the Dance Gala

“Papillon Suite is magical, and the dancers are lucky …dressing up like brilliant butterflies and becoming one with their inner Monarch…[They] mimicked admirably the delicate and graceful nature of the real-life
-Elizabeth Madden-Zibman, Princeton Comment

“[The 2011] Ars Nova was one of the best yet, if not the best!”
-testimonial from Bergen Community College Faculty on Ars Nova 2011

“E M E R G E N C E was fantastic and inspiring”
-testimonial from E M E R G E N C E

“Lesniak…uses the body like a well-oiled mechanical device...In her solo Equanimity, Lesniak is lovely, articulate, creamy smooth. She reminded me of Carolyn Carlson in both her look and her dreamy self-absorption.”
-Burt Supree, The Village Voice

“A flash of what is happening now…Lesniak has a great theatrical sense…The choreographer is in touch with the times in which we live”
-Dance Magazine

“With gigantic swaths of silk cloth waving about under fantastic lights, it was reminiscent of Loie Fuller.”
-Jamuna Dasi on Papillon Suite, Princeton Comment 

“As Music Director of the Ridgewood G&S, I want to thank and congratulate Lynn Needle, Olivia Galgano, and the outstanding dance ensemble for their contribution to our 75th Anniversary show. They got each show off the ground with a beautiful and extremely professional performance. I can only hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship”

–Jim Biddlecombe, conductor, on Prelude to IOLANTHE